A Shared Commitment to Quality

Because delivering fresh goods and produce requires flawless food logistics and seamless cooperation between each logistics partner, Yamato and DPDgroup have joined forces, combining their global transport expertise to bring you Fresh Pass, the new standard redefining national and international small parcel fresh delivery.

Our mission

Food systems are now more than ever at the heart of many challenges facing the global community. It is the duty of everyone and all industries to consider food as a common asset.

For this reason, we need a change of direction to improve distribution, reduce food insecurity and act against both shortages and waste. We must support short food circuits and also transcend borders to open up new possibilities. Create a level playing field where everyone can benefit from access to food safety and quality standards.

Our mission
Our mission

By creating Fresh Pass, DPDgroup and Yamato are redefining small parcel delivery by combining their expertise to make fresh food transport more reliable, sustainable and accessible to all, no matter the scale or the distance.

Dedicated to delivering fresh produce in the best possible conditions, Fresh Pass is an ambitious new standard offering optimal solutions to the challenges of local, cross-border and intercontinental cold chain logistics. End-to-end temperature control, food safety, hygiene, international industry regulation and standards compliance.

Fresh Pass means safety with integrity. Fresh Pass means fresh all the way.

About our founders:

42.0%, 2019

Domestic Parcel Delivery Market Share


millions, 2020 /3


1.8 Billion

2020 /3

Parcels delivered

200 Million

2020 /3

Fresh parcels delivered

About our founders:

parcel delivery
network in Europe

11 Billion €

Turnover in 2020


Delivery Experts


Billion parcels delivered
worldwide in 2020

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