Shipping Fresh

Ensuring the quality and integrity of fresh produce from origin to destination requires a robust international standard, one based on experience and knowhow.

Yamato and Geopost are rising to the challenge, joining forces to lay the foundations for safe, reliable fresh delivery – domestic, cross-border or intercontinental. That foundation is Fresh Pass, based on absolute best practice and certified by an ISO standard.

By creating this Alliance, we are building a unified platform of shipping and delivery companies, an end-to-end cool chain logistics network you can trust on safety and quality.

Shipping Fresh
Fresh Pass main principles
temperature control
Complete control of the cold chain, from package pick-up to final destination, including every point of handover and transshipment.
Committed to
safety and quality
Created for food and fresh produce and designed to meet the strictest national and international standards for fresh delivery. Fresh Pass protects and preserves quality while ensuring compliance with all relevant food safety and legal requirements.
Large or small, near
or far
Fresh Pass is applicable for deliveries on any
scale, no matter the size or distance:
- Local, trans-continental or global
- Small parcels or large shipments, with no
restriction on size or quantity
ISO 23412:2020 based
fresh delivery
Based on ISO 23412:2020, Fresh Pass aims to expand the fresh delivery market by fostering trust and cooperation between logistics partners all over the world, and opening fresh delivery up to new customers by making it accessible and reliable for businesses of all sizes.
Fresh Pass, a standard for everyone and every need
A transport solution for fresh produce professionals everywhere, no matter the type of activity or the scale of their operation, opening up new markets and opportunities locally and internationally.
Restauration & Catering
Food retailers

Freshness and quality preserved thanks to strictly maintained cold chain throughout transport.


No restrictions on size or quantity, allowing for direct sales and short to-market routes, as well as e-commerce sales.


Choice of temperature ranges depending on your goods and relevant legal requirements


No need to add refrigerant materials in your packaging


Temperature control, tracking and monitoring every step of the way from parcel pick-up to final delivery.


Reduced storage and food waste costs through fresh supply chain optimisation


Choice of a variety of delivery services to answer your needs as well as your clients'

Fresh Pass is a seal of commitment and quality for you and your customers. For enquiries and further information please get in touch.