What Yamajin Co says about Fresh Pass

Yamajin Co is a Japanese company specialized in aquaculture, cultivating and processing particularly sweet and tender Mutsu Bay scallops in Aomori (Northern Japan). Due to the environment surrounded by mountains and by the abundant and nutrient-rich water flowing from the old-growth beech forests in the Shirakami Mountains (a World Heritage Site), the quality of the scallops is exceptional.But preserving the quality of a seasonal culinary delicacy like scallops during international shipping is a real challenge.

What Yamajin Co says about Fresh Pass
The importance of temperature control to
ensure the products quality

With Fresh Pass, Yamato Transport is overwhelmingly high quality, so the product can be entrusted to them with confidence

  • Scallops are a seasonal ingredient with, for example, a season when they hold their eggs during the year and a season when the scallops are delicious. It is very good to be able process what is harvested during the season and to be able to send it in a properly temperature-controlled state.
  • The scallops are flash-frozen at -18℃, so as not to destroy the scallop cells, and their original taste is obtained by thawing them when it is time to eat them. Temperature changes up to -15℃ are permissible, but if they melt during their journey, or if there are changes in their temperature range, then the scallop cells are destroyed, causing the flavor to deteriorate.

Thanks to Fresh Pass, Yamajin Co hopes to make Aomori scallops famous around the globe.